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Exporting Dairy Goats

Dairy Goat Society Members Export their animals all over Asia, even to the USA and Russia. Good prices are being offered for good quality milk producing Dairy Goats, and premium prices for those with milk figures.

Bucks sometimes are exported in to A.I Centres for improving milk production in native goats. But mainly they go to Dairies, as goats milk is prized overseas for their babies and young children. So there is a greater need for more goat exports.
If any Dairy Goat Society Member wishes to export their dairy goats, what you need to do is. Get in contact with your state Export Liaison Officer or get in touch with the Federal Export Officer, who will pass on your details to buyers and export agents. 
When doing this what you need to do is, let your Export Liaison Officer know what dairy goat breed you have for export, how many you have for export, if they are Bucks or Does and what are the ages of your dairy goats. 
Dairy Goat Kids must be weaned for exporting and kids must be at least 35kg in weight, the age that they must be is between 6 months and no older than 2 years. Does must not be in milk.
Don’t keep all of your Bucks for export as I can’t sell them. The ratio for Bucks is 1 Buck per 10 Does, and we need to export a variety of bloodlines, and not all from the one stud.
You will find your Export Liaison Officers contact details on the website, or in the A.G.W Newsletters

Glenys Rogers
Federal Export Liaison Officer



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